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Find your perfect holiday Boat in Marazion, with Select Cornwall

Our holiday boats in Marazion, West Cornwall, will land you in a picture perfect fairytale location – with amazing views to the Lizard Peninsula and Land’s End flanking the awe inspiring bay, in which sits the dream-like castle atop St Michael’s Mount – at the end of a secretive stone causeway, across which a legendary giant it said to have once walked.

Believed by many (especially the locals) to be the oldest town in Britain, Marazion was known as Ictis by the Romans before this all-star, year round Cornish self-catering boat holiday destination became a trading post for tin. Nowadays the turquoise waters of Mounts Bay, the nature haven of Marazion Marsh and the safe sandy shores of Marazion Beach see mostly enraptured tourists, locals, families and photographers spending happy days in this ancient town.

For adventure seekers wishing to spend adrenaline filled days away from the Cornish holiday boat in Marazion, the beach here is ideal for sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing in Cornwall, with local operators providing lessons and equipment rental for all ages and abilities. For a more relaxed excursion, bird watching and dolphin spotting may take your fancy.

You’ll want to get your timing right when you visit St Michael’s Mount, as the stone causeway is high above the water line at low tide, but as the tide begins to rise, water levels get closer to the causeway until it eventually begins to disappear. Many an enthralled traveler has been caught on the shores of the island before now, but thankfully it’s often possible to take a relaxed ferry boat back to the mainland.

The main street of Marazion runs just parallel to the sea and boasts a fantastic variety of gift and craft shops, art galleries, Cornish pubs and superb cafés and restaurants. The outskirts of town are also dotted with great pubs and other Cornish treasures, which wherever your Marazion holiday boat is located, you won’t be far from the local treasures.

A holiday boat in Marazion is the perfect, year round holiday rental for families and for romantic getaways, whether it’s for a special Cornish Christmas together or a fun-filled summer holiday in Cornwall. Our carefully selected holiday lettings in Marazion will be the icing on the cake for your perfect holiday in the ever friendly and magically Cornish seaside town of Marazion.