Top 10 secret beaches in Cornwall

Posted by Claudia

on 13/06/2019

There are many beaches across Cornwall’s infamous coast line, people travel from all over England
to visit them, but the locals often stumble across and make use of fabulous hidden beaches.

No.1 – Fox Cove
You’ll find this little cove tucked away in a rugged spot near Padstow, along the coastal walk from
Porthcothan beach. It is a bit of a steep walk down to the cove, so tread carefully. You’ll only find it
when the tide is low, but it hides a gem – a recognisable, long rock that divides the cove in half…
which is absolutely covered in mussels. There are also some steam tanker remains to be seen
peeking out through the ocean. Do check tide times before attempting this decent, as the tide does
come in quickly and the little cove will be completely covered by the ocean.

C:\fakepath\Fox Cove

No. 2 – Gwinveor
This little stretch of sand is completely secluded, and can be found beneath the grassy, granite cliffs
of Land’s end. The path down is steep, so take care when descending. When the tide is low you can
walk from here to Sennen Cove – which is more of a surfing spot, and a little more popular. On clear
days you may even be lucky enough to spot the Isles of Scilly in the distance.

C:\fakepath\Gwinveor Beach just beyond the sands of Sennen Cove

No. 3 – Pedn Vounder
This little beach is becoming more popular, thanks to Instagram, but is still a beautiful hidden gem in
Conrwall. It is thought to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the area too! You’ll find it tucked
away between the Minack Theatre (which has incredible views) and Logan’s Rock (an enormous
block of rectangular granite). When the tide is low the sandy beach is a beautiful spot, with shallow
lagoons to enjoy. At low tide you may be able to reach this beach from the busier Porthcurno beach.

C:\fakepath\Pedonvounder Beach4

No. 4 – Pentire Steps
You may have heard of Bedruthan Steps, a fairly popular beach in Cornwall… but Pentire Steps is the
more hidden and kept secret cove just around the corner. Here you’ll find a secluded cove of golden
sand and an array of high cliffs. You can access this beach via the path down from the cliffs, but it
safer to admire this little beach from the cliff tops. A safer option is to wait for low tide and walk
across from Bedruthan Steps.

C:\fakepath\Pentire Steps

No. 5 – Portherras Cove
One exciting gem of Portherras Cove is the ship wreck you’ll find (be mindful of where you walk
along the sand). This little cove is hidden just around the corner from Pendeen Watch lighthouse,

and is a beautiful little spot. It is a little tricky to navigate your way down to the cove itself, but with
a little care it is definitely manageable. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll even see seals here.

C:\fakepath\Portherras Cove

No. 6 – Polly Joke
This hidden beach is familiar to locals, but is a great alternative to Newquay’s busy and bustling
beaches as it’s just a short distance away. Here you’ll find beautiful sands, a little stream, rock pools,
and plenty of caves to explore. There is no car park here, so be ready to park nearby and walk a little

C:\fakepath\Polly Joke
distance – but it is worth it trek.

No. 7 – Nanjizal Cove
Just south of Land’s End, you’ll find the beautiful sandy cove of Nanjizal. This little cove is definitely
becoming more popular, thanks to Instagram, though locals are very reluctant to give away its exact
location. The most photographed spot on the beach is the “song of the sea” – a tall, natural, rock
formation with a little crack, just wide enough for the sun to peer through. The crystal clear pools of
water that lead up to it are a beautiful sight. You may also spot some ruins of an old watermill here.

C:\fakepath\Nanjizal Cove

No. 8 – Lantic Bay
You’ll have to pay the toll with a little trek, as parking is a twenty-minute walk away, but the beach is
definitely worth it. It is one of the most picturesque beaches in Cornwall with almost white sands,
and crystal clear waters on a clear day. You’ll find this bay between Fowey and Polperro, hidden
beneath cliffs coated in Cornwall’s iconic hawthorn and gorse. At low tide you’ll also be able to walk
to Great Lantic beach.

C:\fakepath\Lantic Bay

No. 9 – Prussia Cove
This little cove has some history, and was home to the Carter family – famous smugglers from the
eighteenth century. Now it’s a quiet, hidden cove in Cornwall. There is a car park here, but you can
also access the cove via the coastal path from Praa Sands. The views from the top are beautiful, a
popular spot for wedding photographs, but the beach below is perfect for some summer sun.

C:\fakepath\Prussia Cove

No. 10 – Porthluney Beach
Also known as Caerhay’s beach, this beautiful beach is just opposite Caerhay’s Castle (which is open
seasonally to the public). When the tide is low, the beach is vast, with a hidden cave and handfuls of
mussel-covered rocks. The tide does come in fairly quickly, so take note of the water levels if you
plan to catch the early morning sun away from the main beach.

C:\fakepath\Porthluney Beach

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