Most Haunted Places in Cornwall

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on 19/02/2021

Scare yourself silly and read about some of the most haunted places to visit in Cornwall. From haunted inns, to creepy castles and even mythical beasts, said to prowl the hills of Bodmin Moor.  Discover some of the most mysterious and spooky places to visit whilst in Cornwall. 

Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail, designed by Sir John Call, was built in 1779 by prisoners of war. Over the 150 years that the jail was in operation, it saw 55 executions. Today, Bodmin Jail is open to visitors, who often comment on the feeling of terror and misery when they step foot in the grounds. Suggested as one of the most haunted places in Cornwall, spirits of a number of prisoners are said to haunt the jail. The jail has recently been renovated, with a new visitor centre and a new jail-themed hotel due to open this year.


Bodmin Jail | Haunted Cornwall

Pendennis Castle

Falmouth's Pendennis Castle is said to be another one of Cornwall’s most haunted places to visit. It was built in the 1540s by Henry VIII, intended to protect the Carrick Roads waterway at the mouth of the River Fal. In the castle’s long history, a number of ghostly encounters have been witnessed by both staff and visitors alike. Phantom footsteps can be heard roaming the stone staircases, said to belong to soldiers. One of the more frightening encounters is that of “Maud”, a kitchen maid that fell to her death at the castle. Her piercing screams have been heard by many visitors at Pendennis Castle.


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Jamaica Inn

Not only is Jamaica Inn one of the most haunted places in Cornwall, it’s also known to be one of the most haunted pubs in Britain! There have been numerous reports of spooky happenings at the Inn, such as the sound of horses’ hooves being heard in the empty courtyard. Conversations have been heard by management at the Inn, suggested to be in the Olde Worlde Cornish language. There have also been sightings of a man in a cloak and tricorne hat, who briefly appears before walking through solid doors!


Jamaica Inn | Haunted Cornwall 

Kennal Vale

Kennal Vale, near Falmouth, has only recently been recognised as a well-known haunted location in Cornwall. The woods is at the site of a former gunpowder works, which saw numerous major explosions between 1826and 1889. Over the last 20 years, strange goings on have been noticed at the location. Walkers at Kennal Vale have reported hearing loud, unexplainable noises deep in the woods. Perhaps these noises echoes of the explosions from long ago? In recent years, ghostly figures have been spotted in the woods, crossing the foot bridge over the river. ‘Shadow people’ have also been known to appear in pictures taken by people walking through the woods.


Haunted Places Cornwall


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Bodmin Moor

 The vast landscape of Bodmin Moor is home to many spooky stories, mystery and legends. The ghost of Charlotte Dymond, a girl that was murdered by her boyfriend in 1844, is said to appear on the moor each year on the anniversary of her death. The most mysterious story that haunts Bodmin Moor is that of the “Beast of Bodmin”. The Beast of Bodmin is Cornwall’s answer to Scotland’s Lochness Monster, with some questioning the existence of the mysterious beast. The legend that is the Beast of Bodmin is a large panther-like creature, with luminous yellow eyes. The beast is said to prowl the moors at night, attacking livestock and leaving mysteriously  large paw prints behind. The first sighting of the beast was in 1983. Questionable photos have been taken of the large cat over the years. Without hard evidence, some are still dubious of its’ existence.


Haunted Cornwall | Bodmin Moor


Have you experienced any paranormal activity at these locations? We'd love to hear some of your favourite haunted places to visit in Cornwall. Let us know your experiences in the comments!